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If you’ve nothing to hide?

So if you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear? This cop is plainly using her power to search as a threat, openly admitting that she can’t use anything she can find but she plainly regards the threat that “you can be pulled out of the car and I can search you if you really want” as a tool to compel compliance with her “voluntary” interrogation. If she’s using it as a threat, any claim that no harm is done by the search is entirely specious. She’s not threatening to search them so much as she’s threatening to humiliate and demean them under color of authority.


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How “Special” Is Unquestioning Faith In Authority?

According to Christopher Bantick, guest columnist for Sydney’s “The Daily Telegraph”, “… the ability to put your trust in the integrity of somebody else” is something special which ought not be lost.”  Yet when deciding matters of grave import, which those that Mr Bantick adjudicated as a cricket umpire are not, unquestioning faith in authority is the path to tyranny.

Mr Bantick is strangely aghast at parking inspectors taking photos of illegally parked cars to prove “- yes prove -” that the offence took place.  Yet this strikes me as a simple and self evident means of demonstrating the accuracy of the accusation that a public official is leveling against a citizen and which forms the basis for depriving that citizen of the fruits of many hours of labor.  Such actions are deeply serious, unlike the trivial business of adjudicating a cricket match.  Public officials posses the authority to subject citizens to punishments ranging from the ritual humiliation of drug searches referred to in my last post to decades in jail.  Such matters demand clear and uncontrovertible evidence.  Or, to put it another way, evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Blind faith in authority has no place in a civilized nation.  Let the North Koreans under the Kim dynasty, the Russians under Stalin, the Chinese under Mao Zedong and the Cambodians under Pol Pot enjoy the “special” benefits of “putting their trust in the integrity of someone else”.  For me, placing blind faith in authority raises only the stench of the mass graves in which over 100 million persons were interred in the 20th century alone.

Q. Power?

A. Corrupts.

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