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What Does Ruby Hamad Have Against Muslim Men?

Ruby Hamad, in her article Confronting Our Anti Islam Backlash Asserts that there is a backlash against Islam as a result of the Martin Place siege. She laments that:

Muslims are often represented as a marauding horde, a grotesque collective that acts on nothing other than primitive, religious ideology.

and that:

the fact he was also Muslim means that, to many western audiences, his actions reflected on Islam and all Muslims

If true, I entirely agree with her, that is a repulsive way to treat individuals.

So why does she do exactly that?

But let’s back up for just one moment. Yes, it was a Muslim man who held those hostages, causing the death of two. What this should tell us is that our global society has a problem with violence. More specifically, we have a problem with widespread male violence (emphasis mine) and an unwillingness to even recognise, let alone confront it.

When she says that the actions of the muslim who took people hostage in Martin Place, resulting in the death of two innocents should not be laid at the feet of any other muslim, I agree. What I don’t understand is why she feels it is necessary to lay the violence of any man at the feet of any other man. If Ms Hamad does not see the Martin Place gunman’s violence reflected in other muslims, why does she see that same violence reflected in other men? What did any random man do to Ms Hamad that she hates them so? Does she not recognize that many muslims are also men? What did any random muslim man do to Ms Hamad that she wants to see the Martin Place gunman’s violence reflected in him?


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Mens News Daily Article by Paul Elam

Time For Some Male Bashing Of Our Own.  I have to say, he’s got a point.  Even if it is a bit of a rant.

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Is there an excuse for violence against men?

In the wake of a report showing that reported instances in NSW of domestic violence by women against their male partners are increasing, it is unsurprising that someone would seek to turn the focus back to an exclusively feminist angle. It is difficult to imagine, however, a less subtle attempt than the illogical rant penned by Tracy Spicer. Particularly given its temporal proximity to media reports of NSW Bureau of Crime statistics figures showing a 192% increase in prosecutions of female batterers between 1999 and 2007, her chant that “there is no excuse for violence against women” demands the response:”what about violence against men? is there any excuse for that?”

It would, in my opinion, be more appropriate to simply say “there is no excuse for initiating the use of violence”.  It has the dual advantages of being non sexist and not condemning violence in self defense.

Her decision to hold up a notoriously brutal thug as an avatar of manhood is a truly outstanding example of feminist insanity at its very best. It is a true WTF!?!? moment.

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