TEA Party ignorance

David Baldash at the New Civil Rights blog is of the opinion that the Tea Party supports pornography and legalization of “drugs from marijuana to heroin.” In addition to gay marriage.

There is one thing I agree with Mr Baldash regarding his article though.  The last two sentences: “Oh boy. You can’t make this stuff up…”

Which brings us to the title of my post.  No, I’m not calling the Tea Party or its supporters ignorant.  David Baldash is in lots of company in his appalling (deliberate?) ignorance of what the Tea Party actually stands for.  The TEA Party has come to be regarded on the left as the repository of All That Is Evil ™ thus, if the left thinks it’s evil… Well, obviously that’s what the TEA Party stands for.

Would it really kill them to listen to what folks in the TEA Party have to say for themselves instead of listening to the words that left wing politicians put in their mouths?  But this would make for an honest discussion.  Which the left is conspicuously unwilling to engage in.


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