One More Thing

In my last post, I referred to an article by David Baldash which attacks the TEA Party for the political opinions of a libertarian in the apparent belief that the two political groups are indivisible.  One comment he made caught my attention upon re reading the article: “The Right constantly cries about the Left “indoctrinating our children!” and yet extremist Tea Party movies and children’s books, and things like anti-​Muslim children’s coloring books are becoming the norm for right-​wing nuts.”

Yes, Mr Baldash, your political opponents are taking up your own tactics.  If you don’t like it, perhaps it would have been wise not to put that tactic on the table in the first place.  Too late now though.  The djinn is well and truly out of the bottle and all that remains is to see what chaos results when both the left, the right and the libertarians try to indoctrinate children at the same time.

Good times.


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