Is there an excuse for violence against men?

In the wake of a report showing that reported instances in NSW of domestic violence by women against their male partners are increasing, it is unsurprising that someone would seek to turn the focus back to an exclusively feminist angle. It is difficult to imagine, however, a less subtle attempt than the illogical rant penned by Tracy Spicer. Particularly given its temporal proximity to media reports of NSW Bureau of Crime statistics figures showing a 192% increase in prosecutions of female batterers between 1999 and 2007, her chant that “there is no excuse for violence against women” demands the response:”what about violence against men? is there any excuse for that?”

It would, in my opinion, be more appropriate to simply say “there is no excuse for initiating the use of violence”.  It has the dual advantages of being non sexist and not condemning violence in self defense.

Her decision to hold up a notoriously brutal thug as an avatar of manhood is a truly outstanding example of feminist insanity at its very best. It is a true WTF!?!? moment.


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